New thriller from Darby Kane

New thriller from Darby Kane

Author of PRETTY LITTLE WIFE Darby Kane’s THE REPLACEMENT WIFE, in which a man with a suspicious history with women who have turned up dead or missing introduces his new girlfriend to his family, which drives his sister-in-law to search for answers, igniting a cat-and-mouse game that will unravel buried family secrets and threaten more lives, again to May Chen at William Morrow, for publication in December 2021, by Laura Bradford at Bradford Literary Agency (world).

Rachel Qiuqi to illustrate the universe

Will Millard’s UNIVERSE IN A POND, UNIVERSE IN A TREE, UNIVERSE IN A ROCKPOOL and UNIVERSE IN A GARDEN, illustrated by Rachel Qiuqi, to Jenny Broom at Magic Cat, by Natalie Lakosil at Irene Goodman Agency (the first two titles while at Bradford Literary Agency) for the illustrator (world).

New romance from author of HOW NOT TO FALL IN LOVE

Jacqueline Firkins’s MARLOWE BANKS, REDESIGNED, in which an introverted costume production assistant relocated to Hollywood to rebuild her artistic confidence stumbles into a role opposite an arrogant TV star after an exchange of furious glances between them gets captured on film, launching a social media campaign to ship them into an on-screen enemies-to-lovers romance…off-screen they can still hate each other (or can they?), to Jennie Conway at St. Martin’s, in a good deal, in a two-book deal, for publication in fall 2022, by Laura Bradford at Bradford Literary Agency (world).

Pendreigh has LUNA’S GREEN PET

Kirsten Pendreigh’s LUNA’S GREEN PET, pitched as a city kid spin on SOPHIE’S SQUASH meets WHEN GRANDMA GIVES YOU A LEMON TREE, about a girl who circumvents her landlord’s strict “no pets” policy by “rescuing” a discarded houseplant from the trash, illustrated by Carmen Mok, to Barb McNally at Sleeping Bear Press, for publication in fall 2022, by Natalie Lakosil at Irene Goodman Agency while at Bradford Literary Agency for the author, and by Emily van Beek at Folio Literary Management for the illustrator (world).

Faruqi returns with RANI

Saadia Faruqi’s RANI, about a modern South Asian princess living in a bustling castle by the sea who goes out seeking an adventure and finds a friend instead, illustrated by Anoosha Syed, to Jennifer Greene at Clarion, for publication in spring 2023, by Kari Sutherland at Bradford Literary Agency for the author, and by Taylor Martindale Kean at Full Circle Literary for the illustrator (world).

4th installment in the DARK OLYMPUS series

Author of NEON GODS Katee Robert’s DARK OLYMPUS #4, returning to the modern world of Olympus, where nothing is ever what it seems, to Mary Altman at Sourcebooks Casablanca, for publication in early 2023, by Laura Bradford at Bradford Literary Agency (world English).

Czech rights for CHASING LUCKY

Czech rights for CHASING LUCKY

Jenn Bennett’s CHASING LUCKY, to Albatros Media (Czech Republic), by Martina Knapkova at Kristin Olson Literary Agency, on behalf of Taryn Fagerness Agency and Laura Bradford at Bradford Literary Agency

LOOK at Gabi Snyder’s next book

Gabi Snyder’s LOOK, which explores different kinds of patterns in nature and at home that connect us all to each other and to the world around us, illustrated by Samantha Cotterill, to Sylvie Frank at Paula Wiseman Books, with Paula Wiseman editing, for publication in fall 2023, by Natalie Lakosil while at Bradford Literary Agency for the author, and by Kirsten Hall at Catbird Productions for the illustrator (world)

Pretty Woman gone wrong in NO ONE KNOWS US HERE

Rebecca Kelley’s NO ONE KNOWS US HERE, pitched as Pretty Woman gone wrong, in which a 23-year-old retail worker reluctantly takes in her long-lost kid sister; desperate to provide for her, she agrees to be paid to be the girlfriend of a successful founder of a popular social media company, but as his demands become more strange and threatening, she realizes she needs to fight back, to Melissa Valentine at Lake Union Publishing, in a nice deal, for publication in early 2023, by Jennifer Chen Tran at Bradford Literary Agency (world).

WHAT I WILL DISCOVER with Qiuqi Li illustrating

Tanya Lloyd Kyi’s WHAT I WILL DISCOVER, about a child scientist exploring different landscapes, illustrated by Rachel Qiuqi Li, to Kallie George at Greystone Kids, for publication in spring 2023, by Amy Tompkins at Transatlantic Literary Agency for the author, and by Natalie Lakosil at Bradford Literary Agency for the illustrator (world).