Bradford Literary Agency

Recent Deals

Two-book deal for Aster’s EMBLEM ISLAND

Alex Aster’s EMBLEM ISLAND: CURSE OF THE NIGHT WITCH, an #OwnVoices story in which three friends who need to break a terrible curse must journey across their island home to find the night witch, using ancient myths as a guide and discovering wicked creatures they only know through legends in their path, to Annie Berger at Sourcebooks, in a two-book deal, by Laura Bradford at Bradford Literary Agency (world English).

Translation: Taryn Fagerness Agency
French rights for ALEX, APPROXIMATELY

Jenn Bennett’s ALEX, APPROXIMATELY, to Hugo (France), by Michele Kanonidis at La Nouvelle Agency, on behalf of Taryn Fagerness Agency and Laura Bradford of Bradford Literary Agency.


Monica Clark-Robinson’s STANDING ON HER SHOULDERS, about the strong women whose shoulders we all stand on, from the well-known freedom fighters to the mothers and grandmothers who raised us, illustrated by Laura Freeman, to Orli Zuravicky at Scholastic, for publication in 2020, by Natalie Lakosil at Bradford Literary Agency for the author, and by Janet DeCarlo at Storybook Arts for the illustrator (world).

Bulgarian rights to VOX

Christina Dalcher’s VOX, to Locus (Bulgaria), by Katalina Sabeva at Anthea Agency, on behalf of Taryn Fagerness Agency and Laura Bradford of Bradford Literary Agency.

New book for Merrie Destefano

Merrie Destefano’s VALIANT, pitched as The 5th Wave meets Edge of Tomorrow, in which a 17-year-old is near-future Earth’s only hope when a space-mining mission meant to save America leads to an alien invasion, to Heather Howland at Entangled Teen, in a two-book deal, for publication in winter 2019, by Natalie Lakosil at Bradford Literary Agency (world).

There’s a new PLACE AT THE TABLE

Saadia Faruqi and Laura Shovan’s A PLACE AT THE TABLE, in which a Pakistani American girl and a half-British girl meet in a South Asian cooking club and soon discover both their mothers are applying for US citizenship, exploring themes of food, friendship, and family, to Jennifer Greene at Clarion, in a good deal, at auction, for publication in spring 2020, by Stephen Barbara at Inkwell Management on behalf of Shovan, and Kari Sutherland at Bradford Literary Agency for Faruqi (NA).


Stephanie Faris’s SLAMBOOK, about a 12-year-old who participates in school gossip on the SlamBook site until she finds herself the focus, and, after using her hacking skills to retaliate and a girl becomes suicidal, has to track down the girl and turn around the SlamBook trend once and for all, to Alyson Heller at Aladdin, for publication in spring 2020, by Natalie Lakosil at Bradford Literary Agency (world).

Audio rights have PROMISES

Audio rights to NYT bestselling author Alexa Riley’s PROMISES, to Rachel Gregory at WF Howes, by Laura Bradford of Bradford Literary Agency.

New books from Joss Wood

Joss Wood’s next installments in the SECRETS OF THE A-LIST series and TEXAS CATTLEMEN’S CLUB series, again to Stacy Boyd at Harlequin, in a two-book deal, by Laura Bradford at Bradford Literary Agency.

Television rights sold for CALL ME, MAYBE

Ellie Cahill’s CALL ME, MAYBE, in which a black sheep socialite accidentally trades phones with a journalist and has to lie to protect her identity while she’s also falling for him, optioned for TV to producer Maura Dunbar of Engage Entertainment, by Debbie Deuble Hill at APA on behalf of Laura Bradford at Bradford Literary Agency.